Out In The Black

Old Earth got messed up, then used up, so humankind travelled to the stars. Three colossal generation ships brought our ancestors from Old Earth, and they settled the Phantine system. And they discovered the alien technology that opened up travel to the cluster. Ten star systems, with more than two dozen inhabitable worlds once we’d done terraforming, all connected by the slipstreams.

But none of those worlds had much in the way of metals or minerals. Over the years, that lack caused a lot of stress for the two systems that had the most tech know-how and based their economy around the manufacture of goods: Phantine and J-F-K. Eventually, that stress turned into war, with Phantine at one end of the cluster, J-F-K at the other, and everyone else in between just pawns to be played.

The short story is that J-F-K won, but it was a Pyrrhic victory for them. Plenty of people hate the things they did in the war, but no-one wants to be on the wrong end of their big guns. J-F-K don’t have the resources to rule the whole cluster. They hold Phantine and Huang He, but most of the other systems declared independence. The cluster settled into a tense, uneasy peace.

But peace it is, it’s lasted for 10 years, and it’s brought new opportunities. The war drove many improvements to space technology, and a ton of interstellar ships with slipstream drives got built. The governments started selling some of them off as surplus. So now you and your associates are taking advantage of the situation. You have a ship, you have the skills needed to keep her flying, and you’re travelling around the cluster, transporting people and cargo to wherever they need to go. You’re just honest, hardworking, interstellar traders.

Sure you are.

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Honest, Hardworking, Interstellar Traders

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